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About UsAbout Us

Who is WiD?


Women in Development (WiD), New York is a membership organization dedicated to the advancement of women in their fundraising careers. Through its programs and services, as well as its supportive and collegial network, WiD affords women at all levels of the field the opportunity to augment professional training and expand career opportunities.


WiD offers:

  • Events that allow members to sharpen their skills and learn about current issues and emerging themes in the field.
  • Coaching for members in all phases of their careers. 
  • A job bank, to learn about new opportunities and advance as a professional. 
  • A membership directory that allows members to reach out to one another. 
  • President’s Council for those in the field for 20+ years.


WiD’s membership base is made up of over 750 women at all phases of their Development careers.   We represent 18 types of organizations in the greater New York area including: higher education; consulting; healthcare; arts; social and community services; primary and secondary education; cultural; and youth development. 


What some of our members say about us:


“The women you meet here are coming from diverse backgrounds and the network does a great job of holding quality luncheons where all women get to meet the stars of their field and get to know them on a deeper level.”


“The mentoring for those new to the organization and the field is a tremendous benefit.  The programming is great too!”


“I like the whole educative, networking, coaching mission of WiD.”


“I found WiD to be enormously helpful for my transition to Development work this year.”


What Members Say...What Members Say...

Being a part of WID shows that you are serious about your career, are interested in developing your skill set, and want to meet like-minded individuals.

I have been a WiD member for just a couple of months, and I have already met a welcoming group of women and have several events on my calendar that I'm excited to attend. 

I met a wonderful young woman at a recent WiD luncheon, and we got to talking. Long story short, she is my new Development Assistant! Go WiD!